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1. According to the Training 2007 Industry Report, which training task was outsourced the most?


Learner support

Need analysis

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2. Which one of the following questions is NOT addressed by the person analysis?

Which instructional techniques are most appropriate for training employees?

Do performance deficiencies result from a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability?

Who needs training?

Are employees ready for training?

3. Readiness for training is a combination of all of the following EXCEPT:

employee characteristics.

trainer characteristics.

situational constraints.

social support.

4. All of the following are suggestions to help employees learn EXCEPT:

limit the course content to the training.

group lengthy material into chunks.

provide feedback about performance.

communicate the learning objectives.

5. Organizations provide for orientation because:

they are legally required to do so.

no matter how realistic the information provided during employment interviews and site visits, people experience shock and surprise when they start a new job.

it gives the company more control over employees in the long run.

former employees need to become familiar with job tasks and learn the details of the organization's practices, policies, and procedures.

Reference no: EM13308579

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