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1. Which reward system tends to discourage poor performers from voluntarily leaving the organization?

A. Membership and seniority-based pay.
B. Skill-based pay.
C. Piece-rate rewards.
D. Competency-based pay.
E. All of the answers are correct.

2. All of the following tend to increase the quality of work performed, EXCEPT:

A. job enrichment.
B. job specialization.
C. competency-based rewards.
D. natural grouping of tasks into one job.
E. empowerment.

3. Job enrichment usually:

A. reduces product and service quality.
B. increases error rates and defects.
C. reduces job satisfaction among qualified employees with high growth need strength.
D. increases absenteeism and turnover.
E. None of the answers apply.

4. A job in which employees are able to complete something from beginning to end or there is a visible outcome of the work is called:

A. skill variety.
B. task significance.
C. job feedback.
D. job rotation.
E. task identity.

5. Employees at CyberTech perform repetitive jobs that have resulted in boredom as well as repetitive strain injury. Technology makes it difficult to combine existing jobs, but the company wants to make employees more multiskilled. Which of the following would best help CyberTech to improve this situation?

A. Encourage employees to engage in mental imagery.
B. Introduce job specialization.
C. Introduce a gainsharing plan for all production employees.
D. Introduce job rotation.
E. Introduce job enrichment by having each employee produces the entire product rather than a small part of it.

Reference no: EM1389959

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