Employees are a significant group of stakeholders

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Employees are a significant group of stakeholders in an organization. As at-will employment and outsourcing become more common in the business world, many employees who once trusted their employers and expected lifetime employment have been shocked by the lack of relationship between themselves and their employer. At the same time, employers argue that they have never paid more for benefits or been more accountable for their behavior toward employees. In this unit, you will address some difficult issues within the changing workplace all of which speak to our personal and professional ethical boundaries.

To what extent does an organization demonstrate the ethics it espouses? What contributes to the ethical framework of a company's operation? Are values statements real, and are people held accountable to them? What role does organizational culture play in guiding ethical behavior? Should values dominate an organization's culture? How do leaders contribute to the ethical profile of an organization? How can organizational structures create support or vulnerability with operating in an ethically sound manner?

Reference no: EM13759396

In the clean air act as amended

In the Clean Air Act as amended, Congress allowed California, which has serious problems with air quality, to adopt its own standards for emissions from cars and trucks, subje

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Hart Venture Capital (HVC) specializes in providing venture capital for software development and Internet applications. Currently HVC has two investment opportunities. What is

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Imagine that you have just earned your business degree and have been hired as a hospital administrator at a small hospital that, like many others, is experiencing financial pr

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Explain how could maintenance mechanics be better utilized. Classify the types of system-building methods used by Dorfman to build its wireless warehouse system.

Defining and understanding a process

Analysis of the process - Process Mapping, A process map is a tool that aids in defining and understanding a process. It is helpful to represent the path which one is used to

Professional sports organization and healthcare facility

HOW MIGHT DIFFERENT HR METRICS BE BEST EMPLOYED IN ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: (1) a nonprofit organization, (2) a professional sports organization, (3) a healthcare facility, (4) a

Explain how much tax if any they would save

Sell bonds from Part a rather than give m to their daughter also buy tax-exempt bonds that pay 6%. Assume bonds can be sold for an amount equal to their basis of $5,000.

One of recent topics to enhance or retain existing workers

One of the recent topics to enhance or retain existing workers as well as improve workforce/workplace environment, is that of companies building and implementing a work life i


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