Employee was an exempt administrative employee

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What are the arguments for and against the employer's assertion that the employee was an exempt administrative employee? If you were the judge, how would you rule in this case? Why? (Bothell v. Phase Metrics, 299 F. 3d 1120 [9th Cir. 2002])

Reference no: EM13964055

Values of the cost of capital

Can you use the IRR rule to decide whether to undertake this project or not? Why or why not? Explain. According to this profile for what values of the cost of capital is it

What is the break-even point in dollars of sales

A firm is selling two products, chairs and bar stools, each at $60 per unit. Chairs have a variable cost of $30, and bar stools $25. Fixed cost for the firm is $21,000. what i

Research current regulatory issues facing uber

Many state and local governments have banned ride sharing services like Uber, and Lyft, citing lack of safety regulations ( like cabs) Is this appropriate? Research current re

Expand the present operation by adding one new outlet

The owner of Genuine Subs, Inc., hopes to expand the present operation by adding one new outlet. She has studied three locations. Each would have the same labor and materials

Utilization review and quality management

Utilization Review and Quality Management The paper is due at the end of this two week learning plan. The paper should be 4 to 6 pages in length. The paper is due by Sunday mi

The data mining process is to define the target variable

MTC (MegaTelCo) has decided to use supervised learning to address its problem of churn in its wireless phone business. As a consultant to MTC, you realize that a main task in

The price of oil has been dropping significantly

The price of oil has been dropping significantly recently. This urges fund managers to adjust their investment portfolios. In particular, many fund managers in Canada used to

Differences between power of personality and power conferred

What are the differences between the power of personality and the power conferred by positional authority? Does the successful supervisor need one or the other or both? Explai


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