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Employee self-service (ESS) and management self-service (MSS) have given more control and responsibility to employees and managers, towards managing their own benefits and careers, as well as allowing managers to have easy access to their teams’ information. What might be some employee concerns related to managers having access to these data? Describe the risks for both ESS and MSS. 

Reference no: EM131438426

Why is staffing important and who is responsible for it

Why is staffing important? Who is responsible for it? Is it a function of personnel/human resource departments? What are some of the ways managers can adapt to changes in th

What penalty is the company incurring by its present order

What penalty is the company incurring by its present order size? The manager would prefer ordering 10 times each month but would have to justify any change in order size. One

Bosss creative problem-solving approach

In describing a new problem you are having with your computer, your boss interrupts and states, " I had the same problem last week. It's something to do with the network. Whic

How many should be ordered

Jellyfilled, sprinkle doughnuts cost $0.10 from the central facility, and sell for $0.60 each, and demand the past 10 days has been 50, 38, 27, 45, 62, 44, 44, 29, 31, 39. D

Boundaries and limitations associated with each project

What criteria would you recommend USP use in selecting its projects this year? What projects would you recommend USP fund this year? Are there any types of projects you would

How will you measure your life

Refer to the assigned article, "How Will You Measure Your Life?" What was the best piece of advice Christensen gave? How will his recommendations help you in your career and p

Calculate multifactor productivity and percentage change

A production manager of a bakery, is preparing her quarterly report, which is to include a productivity analysis for her department. Calculate multifactor productivity and per

Cell phones at a best buy store is normally distributed

Weekly demand for Motorola cell phones at a Best Buy store is normally distributed, with a mean of 300 and a standard deviation of 200. Motorola takes two weeks to supply a Be


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