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Employee Relations Scenarios

Read each of the following HRM employee relations scenarios and develop your response to the situation. For these scenarios, assume the role of a HR manager and confront the employee on the issue at hand. Although there is no formal minimum or maximum length required, the average submission that meets my expectations is typically around 500 words for each scenario. However, I am much more concerned about quality than quantity. You are required to incorporate at least two external sources in your responses to each of the scenarios and you should consider including any additional comments or suggestions that you deem beneficial.

The goal of the discussion with the employee is to confront the issue(s) before it affects the work environment or the employee's overall work performance. A manager's role is to establish and maintain performance norms in the workplace. In these scenarios, the assumption is that the supervisor has already confirmed the situation or behavior that is described. This exercise provides an opportunity to practice and become comfortable with confronting behavioral issues in the workplace.

1. The warehousing operation where you work recently instituted a "No Smoking" policy in the facility. All employees were notified of the policy change but it was not well-received. As you walk down aisle B in the warehouse, you see a cloud of smoke and then see Chris running to aisle A. You need to talk to Chris.

2. One of the office managers comes to you and complains about Pat's unpleasant body odor and how difficult it is to work in the same area. You agree to talk to Pat.

3. The sales department manager at an upscale store has talked to you about the appearance of some of your sales clerks-particularly Alex. Alex is sporting on his forearm a new, large tattoo of a devil eating a rat. You agree that some customers might find it offensive and that it should somehow be covered up. You need to talk to Alex.

4. Sidney has recently been missing work. She tends to call in at the last minute, and there seems to be a pattern developing of Mondays and Fridays. Sidney has been in rehabilitation in the past for alcohol abuse. You need to talk to Sidney.

5. It is near Christmas, and you notice that within one day the office supply cabinet has been conspicuously depleted of tape, scissors, and packing materials. Other than you, the administrative assistant, Lesley, is the only one with the key to the cabinet. You need to talk to Lesley.

Reference no: EM131099099

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