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Reply to the following statement:

"Motivation to complete tasks in the workplace can be varied and fluid on most occasions. Employers can assist in providing good extrinsic motivating factors ensuring stability and perceived comfort within the workplace; however, facilitating intrinsic motivation can be a bit trickier to navigate. One of the main ways to assist in this is by knowing the individual motivational drives of each employee and speaking to them in those terms (Newstrom, 2011, p. 116). Most intrinsic motivation comes from a feeling of internal satisfaction in a job well done; kudos, employee recognition and providing meaningful explanations for the work done can all help foster internal motivational drives.     

Another way to help increase intrinsic motivation is to ensure that employees are assigned to tasks that they are drawn to and are most likely to thrive. This way people can find themselves naturally attracted to the work they are producing, (Rockmann, Ballinger & Chen, 2017, p. 1307). Providing these directed assignments that correlate with the employee's interests and abilities provides a greater potential for success and feeling of competence: All of which, lead to increased motivation to continue. It becomes imperative for the managers and employers to get to know the people working for them to create the most efficient team and system for the company".

Reference no: EM132136636

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