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Revise the subsequent sentences to emphasize the perspective of the audience and the "you" view.

1. We have prepared the enclosed form that may be used by victims to report find theft to creditors.

2. To help us process your order with our new database software, we require you to go to our website and fill out the customer information required.

3. We are now providing RapidAssist, a software program we have developed to give immediate technical support through our website to your employees and customers.

4. We find it required to restrict parking in the new company lot to those employee vehicles with "A" permits.

5. To avoid suffering the types of monetary losses experienced in the past, our credit union now prohibits the cashing of double-endorsed checks presented by our customers.

6. Our warranty goes into effect only when we have got the product's registration card from the purchaser.

7. Unluckily, the telephone and computer systems will be down Thursday afternoon when we may be installing upgrades to improve both systems.

8. As part of our company effort to be friendly to the environment, we are asking all employees to reduce paper consumption by communicating by e-mail and avoiding printing.

Reference no: EM13662946

Use the irac method

1. Facts: about four or five sentence telling us the background of what happened and how we got where we are.  This includes relevant facts such as who, when , where, how.

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