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1. McGregor implies that managers who use Theory X assumptions are 'good' and those who use Theory Y assumptions are 'bad'.

   True or False

2. Process theories of motivation are explanations that emphasize people's internal characteristics.

   True or False

3. A reward that consists of the elimination of an undesirable consequence of behavior is:

a. extinction

b. negative reinforcement

c. punishment

d. termination

e. positive reinforcement

4. Argyris' continuum of needs is primarily a subjective explanation of human needs.

   True or False

5. According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, once someone has fulfilled his social needs, he would then be motivated to meet his:

a. security needs

b. esteem needs

c. self-actualization needs

d. physiological needs

e. none; social needs complete the sequence of satisfaction

Reference no: EM13991800

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