Empathy-altruism hypothesis
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1. Have you ever changed a strongly held attitude? What caused the change for you?

2. Do you believe that you are free of prejudice? Which of the many factors that cause prejudice do you think is most important to change?

3. How do Milgram's results, particularly the finding that the remoteness of the victim affected obedience, relate to some aspects of modern warfare?

4. What are some of the similarities between Zimbardo's prison study and the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq?

5. Have you ever done something in a group that you would not have done if you were alone? What happened? How did you feel? What have you learned that might help you avoid this behavior in the future?

6. Can you think of situations when the egoistic model of altruism seems most likely correct? What about the empathy-altruism hypothesis?

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