Emotional trauma and the threat of injury or death

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Human Services Solution for PTSD

Military personnel who have experienced extreme physical and/or emotional trauma and the threat of injury or death, or who have witnessed the suffering associated with combat, often return to their home countries with various degrees of anxiety and/or mood disorders related to the trauma they have endured. Prepare a paper describing human services solutions to address post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) among military personnel.

Be sure your paper addresses the following items:

1. Define PTSD.

2. Describe the components of treatment that are most essential to the management of PTSD symptoms.

3. Describe how reluctance or resistance might come into play when dealing with military personnel who are trauma survivors.

4. Describe medical and non-medical interventions that are useful for survivors of trauma such as PTSD.

5. Describe how helping professionals involved with trauma survivors can avoid burnout or vicarious traumatization.

Reference no: EM131437509

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