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A semiconductor manufacturing facility is considering 2 different scrubbers to reduce its HLC emissions and comply with state air quality standards. Option one is a wet scrubber option 2 a dry scrubber. Both scrubbers will meet the company’s ongoing HCL emission reduction needs. the wet scrubber cost $250,000 to purchase $25,000 per year to operate and has a salvage value of $15,000 at the end of it 15 year life. The dry scrubber cost $300,000 to purchase $24,000 per year to operate, salvage value of $75,000 at the end of its 20 year useful life. if the MARR is 15% what scrubber should be purchased?

Reference no: EM131091535

Production function are both fixed and variable inputs

Included in the firm's short-run production function are both fixed and variable inputs. An efficient firm can obtain more output than the production function shows. The produ

What is your forecast of the change in the number of visit

you estimate that the price elasticity of demand for clinic visit is -0.25. you anticipate that a major insurer will increase the copayment from $20 to $25. This insurer c

What is the discounted payback period for this investment

The International Parcel Service has installed a new radio frequency identification system to help reduce the number of packages that are incorrectly delivered. What is the FW

The equilibrium quantity increases or decreases

Using supply and demand analysis, describe the effect of each of the following events on the market for cigarettes. Your description should include which curve shifts, supply

True about public sector projects-examples of benefits

The following are examples of benefits except: To convert inflated dollars into constant-value dollars, it is necessary to take inflated dollars and: Which is NOT true about P

Advantages and disadvantages of currency exchange

Explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of currency exchange. When taking part in currency exchange, certain risks can exposed. Of the different methods of managing c

Completition in perfect competition situation

It is said that there is no completition in a perfect competition situation. Why? Give an example to illustrate this. Name 3 commodities that you would consider to be bought a

Consider an economy in which two factors of production

Consider an economy in which two factors of production , (labor and capital), produce two goods, (capital intensive pharmaceuticals and labor-intensive clothing). Suppose that


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