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Create a map of an emergency management stakeholder environment For a Hurricain in Huston TX


Develop a conceptual map of the emergency management/homeland security stakeholders based on your current knowledge and understanding of the situation.

Please note that the above instructions are deliberately non-specific. This is done in order to encourage creativity and freshness of approach. The goal is to see how you perceive the stakeholder environment and the relationships between the stakeholders. There are no right or wrong ways of structuring these maps. All that is asked of you is that you give it considerable thought and that you develop the map independently of the other students.

It is recommended that your conceptual map fit on a single PowerPoint slide, or on one page of a Word document. The rectangular boxes, circles, arrows, and various other shapes available through the AutoShapes feature on most Microsoft applications can be useful for drawing the conceptual map. However, if you feel more comfortable writing it on paper, you may do so by scanning the completed document and then attaching the file to your submission.

On a separate Word document, provide a brief narrative explanation of the stakeholder map. Identify the elements and describe the processes between those elements. Identify the system, its subsystems (if any), and the greater meta-system.

Reference no: EM132188986

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