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1. In a three to four page paper, personalize your ethical experiences over the past eight modules. Review your Ethical Lens Inventory from Assignment, and briefly review each of your experiences in the ethics game cases. Answer the following questions:

- Compare the results of the Ethical Lens Inventory you took in Assignment with your experiences in the game cases. Which lens(es) are the most effective for you as you conduct ethical problem solving? Why?

- How do you think you can embody the virtue of integrity (Kant/Rights), greatest good (Mill/Results), justice (Rawls/Relationship) and courage (MacIntyre/Virtue) into your profession, given your experiences with the lenses?

- What types of ethical challenges do you face at work?

- How do you think you can use the ethical lenses in your own professional environment?

- For what do you wish to be known at the end of your professional life? How do you want people to think about you?

Reference no: EM13490765

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