Elucidate reason for both wage and cost rigidities

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Q. Elucidate reason for both wage and cost rigidities including policy implications for se rigidities. Would you conclude on se reasons suggested by New Keynesian economists as relevant to unemployment situation in South Africa? Motivate your answer by Yes or No.

Reference no: EM1367322

U-shaped AC curve and an L-shaped AC curve

The difference between a U-shaped AC curve and an L-shaped AC curve is that: Diseconomies of scale are greater as represented by the L-shaped AC curve. The Marginal Cost (MC)

Define danielle marginal rate of substitution

Suppose Danielle consumes pancakes and waffles. Her utility function can be expressed as U(P,W)=10P^.75 W^.5. Furthermore, suppose the price of pancakes is $4.00 and the price

Why the cost conditions in the industry remain constant

Suppose that initially the price is $50 in a perfectly competitive market. Firms are making zero economic profits. Then the market demand shrinks permanently and some firms

What is the tax incidence to the consumers

Politicians concerned with climate change are proposing that a tax on electricity should be implemented with the hope that it will incentivize energy abatement. But they are a

Investigate a performance in sustainable business

Investigate Starbucks Coffee Company commitment to and performance in sustainable business and discuss Starbucks Coffee Company in terms of sustainability, addressing the foll

Kerosene for space heating during winter season

The present price (year 0) of kerosene is $4.30 per gallon, and its cost is expected to increase by 10% per year. (At the end of year 1, kerosene will cost $4.73 per gallon.)

Making the production process more capital-intensive

Suppose a union that represents some but not all of the employees in an industry is considering a strong push for increased pay for their members during the upcoming contract

Human dynamics are involved in partnership form of business

This is a business law question there is now select subject for business law so I chose economic Miller, R. (2013). Fundamentals of Business Law: Summarized Cases. 9th ed. Sou


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