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The Shield is a television show on FX cable network. It’s the story of an inner-city Los Angeles precinct. During the 2005-06 season, actress Glenn Close starred as the new precinct chief. One of her first official duties was to express concern about the 50 or so gangs that operated in her new precinct and to establish a permanent task force, headed by Vic Mackey, to learn all it could about the gangs so that he could eventually either eliminate them or make them move to a new neighborhood. Mackey was made team leader and instructed to report to the chief. He was assigned six detectives and 25 uniformed police officers to help him in his task, plus he was allowed to retain members of his team from previous seasons. Previous seasons of The Shield have shown the audience how corrupt Mackey is and how unconcerned he is about obeying the law. In spite of Mackey’s questionable morals, he is an expert on teams. Therefore, it is right that he should adopt the role of:

Reference no: EM131202072

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