Eliminate the problem of adverse selection

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This will examine the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from the point of view of the health care providers.

Activity Instructions

In an essay, address the following questions:

  • How does the employer mandate help eliminate the problem of adverse selection? Would a single-payer plan, in which everybody is insured through the government, further reduce the problem of adverse selection?
  • What do you think would happen to health care expenditures in the United States under either the ACA or a single-payer plan? Consider the following:
  • Market supply and demand
  • Economics of scale
  • Incentives facing health-care providers
  • That preventative medicine would be available to more citizens
  • Any moral hazard issues
  • Any adverse selection issues
  • Any other issues from this course that come to mind

Explain your thoughts thoroughly using concepts from the related chapters and lectures

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • 7-8 pages (approx. 300 words per page), not including title page or references page
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title page with topic and name of student
  • References page

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Reference no: EM13781018

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