Eliminate and adjust for the intercompany transaction

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Up owns 80% of Down. During 2009 Down began selling merchandise to Up at gross profit margin of 20%. Sales by Down to Up for the year totaled $80,000, of which $10,000 remain unsold. In 2010 Down sold $100,000 merchandise to Up at gross margin of 40%. Up's Ending inventory balance at the end of 2010 is $25,000. Prepare the journal entries for 2009 and 2010 to eliminate and adjust for the intercompany transaction.

Reference no: EM13140895

Equivalent units of production-weighted average method

Of those started, 80,000 were finished and the remaining 40,000 were left 20% complete. Calculate the equivalent units of production for the year using the weighted average

Determining transaction fee of underwriting

Sherman Brothers, Inc., sold 4 million shares in its IPO, at a price of $18.50 per share. Management negotiated a fee (the underwriting spread) of 7% on this transaction.

Determining basis for the new truck

Global, Inc., owns a delivery truck which initially cost $30,000. After depreciation of $15,000 had been deducted, the truck was traded-in on a new truck that cost $60,000.

Determine the basis of the property in determining the gain

Evaluate the pros and cons related to an exclusion of a $250,000 gain for a primary residence and how using this residence as rental property could impact the gain or loss d

Hernandez has not logged since 2001

Hernandez has not logged since 2001. If Hernandez logged and sold 900,000 board feet of timber in 2012, when the timber cruise (appraiser) estimated 5,000,000 board feet, dete

Prepare a detailed paper utilizing knowledge you have gained

Using scholarly research, prepare a detailed paper utilizing the knowledge you have gained regarding business combinations to predict future trends in mergers and acquisitio

Problem regarding the redemption of bonds

Reynolds Corporation issued $75,000 face value bonds at a discount of $2,500. The bonds contain a call price of 103. Reynolds decides to redeem the bonds early when the unam

Some companies employ technologies that allow them

Some companies employ technologies that allow them to do a so-called “virtual close.” This enables them to close their books nearly instantaneously any time during the year. W


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