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This is a music question based on the Romantic Era

1. Discuss the various elements of romanticism, and characteristics of romantic music. How does the era differ from the classical period? What elements from the classical era are continued in the romantic period?

2. Discuss the change in the composer's role in society during the romantic period.

3. Specific types of pieces, such as the romance, nocturne, etude, and polonaise, are characteristic of this era. Define and describe these types of pieces.

4. Compare and contrast two of your favorite composers from this era.

5. Discuss the impact of nationalism in the romantic period.

Based on the twentieth century

1. The twentieth century is discribed as the "age of musical diversity." Discuss why this statement is an appropriate description of this era. Include in your discussion the characteristics of twentieth-century music that helped create this diversity.

2. Discuss music and society in the twentieth century.

3. Discuss impressionism and symbolism. What composer represents these beliefs, and how are they included in his music?

4. Discuss neoclassicism. What composer represents these beliefs, and how are they included in his music?

5. Discuss expressionism. What composers represent these beliefs? Choose one of them and discuss how the ideals of expressionism are included in his music.

Based on Music since the 1945

1. Discuss the characteristics of music since 1945.

2. Discuss the development and history of jazz. Include its relationship with society, its roots, and define specific elements and styles.

3. Discuss the elements of the American musical and its history.

4. Discuss the elements and history of rock.

5. Discuss the characteristics of non-Western music in a general sense, and then use those characteristics to compare and contrast music of Africa with music of India.

6. Your last written essay question! It's time to put this all together. Make an attempt to trace the evolution of music from the Middle Ages to the present. You could, of course, write an entire textbook trying to answer this question, so instead of trying to cover it all, make your own theories or trace just a few items that seem to change and/or develop from one time period to another that eventually bring us to the present day.

Reference no: EM131040988

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