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1. Which of the following is true of electronic human resource management (e-HRM) applications?

They let employees enroll in and participate in training programs online.

They provide insight into business trends and help businesses improve decisions.

They have the potential to eliminate traditional HRM functions.

They only let employees look up answers to HR-related questions and read company news.

They are only accessible to specific geographical locations.

2. Cost-efficient supply chains...

a) respond quickly to demand.

b) have higher margins because price is not a prime customer driver.

c) maintain buffer inventory to deal with demand/supply uncertainty.

d) focus on cost minimization, for example, by keeping factory utilization high.

3. Excess capacity...

a) allows a facility to be very flexible and to respond to wide swings in the demands placed on it.

b) costs money and therefore can decrease efficiency.

c) requires proximity to customers and the rest of the network.

d) both a) and b)

e) a), b) and c) are correct.

4. Between 1993 and 2006, Dell's competitive strategy was to provide a large variety of customizable products at a reasonable price. Given the focus on customization, Dell's supply chain was designed to...

a) be responsive.

b) provide a standard product.

c) operate on a low-cost basis.

d) provide sustainable products.

Reference no: EM132234757

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