Egyptian and israeli conflict of the mid 1970s
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Egyptian and Israeli Conflict of the mid 1970's

The Egyptian and Israeli conflict of the mid 1970's posed a dilemma. There were peripheral parties that also posed problems for the negotiators. Syria had grave concerns about the Palestinian issue while Israel had no particular desire to sit down and negotiate with the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Egypt had concerns about the growing influence of the Soviet Union in the Middle East Region. This tangle of opposing interests posed quite a challenge to the negotiators to overcome.

1. In the mid 1970's, what are the key interests for the Syrian people? What are the key interests for the Israeli people?

2. Why could they not solve their problem by themselves?

3. What made the U.S. join and become the mediator? How do you like this action and do you think it is beneficial to the U.S.?

4. What technique did the U.S. use to reach an agreement? Do your own research, is it an effective tool?

5. Do you have any additional comments regarding this case?

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