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For a medium sized company of around 150 employees in the field of governmental projects, international business development, marketing and sales. Located in Egypt with operations in other middle east countries.

1. Explain the Key HR issues that might be faced by the company for the coming 10 years.

2. Since the company didn't have an effective HR department before, and recently started building one, and is under pressure how this HR department would be of added value to the company. So please explain how the HR functions could be of added value for the company.

3. Which members of the employees would considered as the core talent for such a company and what recommendations would you make for the high management of the company on recruiting and hiring talented employees.

4. What adjustments would it be possible to recommend for the high management of the company in terms of the terms and conditions of service in general as well policies in focus.

Reference no: EM131440717

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