Efficient kitchen supervision depends on the organization

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(i) In the creation of wines, what are the significant stages that are to be considered if a winery wants to provide high quality products?

(ii) What are the diverse types of wines and how are they relevant to the customer's choice of dishes in a restaurant and why? Prop up your answers with instances.


Give explanation the subsequent:

(i) Hygiene in food production

(ii) Nutrition in food service

(iii) Hors d'oeuvres

(iv) Aperitifs

(v) Aging of meat

(vi) Méthode Champenoise


Construct a 5-course table d'hôte menu and explain the various imperative factors to justify your choice of items.


Bring up 6 (six) cooking means and give details with relevant illustrations why some cooking methods are only applicable to some types of food.


Efficient kitchen supervision depends on the organization and management of the various sections in a main kitchen. What are these sections and how are they interrelated?

Reference no: EM133236

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