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Write a program in MATLAB to determine how long, in units of seconds, it will take a motor to raise a load into the air. Assume the user will specify the power of the motor in units of watts, the rated efficiency as a percentage (in whole number for -for example, 50 for 50%), the mass of the load in kilograms, and the height the load is raised in the air in units of meters. As a test case, you may assume the user provides the 100 watts for the power of the motor, 60% for the efficiency of the motor, 100 kilograms for the mass of the load, and 5 meters for the height the load is raised.

Reference no: EM131255644

The government requires employers to provide health

Suppose that the government requires employers to provide health (or dental) insurance. How might that requirement affect the supply of and demand for labor in competitive mar

Does the set form a lattice under that relation

Consider a set with elements that are totally ordered by a relation. Does the set form a lattice under that relation? If so, show that it does. If not, give a counterexample

Advantage to process the data

You can write your program to next the loops in either direction, that is, process row by row or column by column. Explain which way you would choose to process the data. W

What temperature would the heater assume

How long would it take to come within 10°C of this temperature? Allow for radiation exchange between the heater (ε = 0.8) and the duct walls, which are also at 27°C.

Major components in software system

Create 3 to 4 diagrams to model a software system that you are familiar with and understand. You can use various software applications (e.g., Visio, UML, etc.) to prepare th

Specify the function by filling out a complete truth table

The outputs indicate the highest index of the inputs that is driven high. For example, if 13 is 0, 12 is 1, 11 is 1, then 01, 00 would be 10 (i.e., 12 is the highest input s

How to motivate your employees

Describe also how to motivate your employees to accept the change and positively contribute to it and show its advantages and disadvantages. Characterise differences between

Write a regular expression defining strings

1.Write a regular expression defining strings that begin with an a and end with a b and can contain any number (including zero) of c's or d's in the middle. Every c that i


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