Efficacy of stands leadership approach

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The entire question should answer the WHAT, WHY and HOW?

The answer should relate to the book only, the one you will find in the attachment.

You have to write about the point I am giving you on each question. Its actually the answers but need to be written in details and related to the case.

Question 1:

The answer should be about ALL the below point (page 481 on the book as attached):

1- Efficacy of stand's leadership approach.he cant control, he is emotion.

2- Incompetence area

3- Unable stand to learn and profit from setback.

4- Feedback

The second question:

The answer should be about ALL the below point ( page 494 on the book as attached):

• 1- Feedback-Intensive Programs

Because he needs a feedback, because he don't know that his present is invisible.

• Personal Growth Programs

Need more confident. He is not stand up as a leader because his present invisible

• Socialization Programs

He is afraid to comment on other andcriticize inappropriate things. So this program will help him how to socialize with other.

• Action Learning Programs

Have the knowledge but not the action, why? Because he was not being a good effective leader. (An affective leader should have his ownprincipal).

The third Question will be your opinion and if needed see page 494 from the book.

The answer should cover two pages, Q1 and Q2 should be more details than Q3.

Case problem:

No-Holds-Barred Feedback in Aspen

Ten managers representing ten different organiza-tions gathered at a resort in Aspen, Colorado, during late summer. The purpose was a three-day leader¬ship development seminar, with Virginia Abrazzo as the seminar leader. For two-and-one-half days, the group engaged in a variety of activities, includ¬ing lectures about strategic leadership, problem-solving groups, and scavenger hunting. The group also dined together and went on nature hikes in the mountains.

As the group gathered for its final leadership-development session, Abrazzo instructed the group, "Here we are for the grand finale. All of you have been working together, and most likely observing each other, since you arrived here two-and-one-half days ago. You are now going to experience some¬thing that could change your life, as well as make you a better leader.

"Every manager in this room is going to receive candid feedback from the nine other managers who have worked with you at our leadership develop¬ment seminar. We begin by placing one of you in the center of a circle, or the hot seat. Each of the other nine participants, one by one, will look you in the eye and give you feedback about you, as a person and as a leader. After you have received your feedback from the nine other participants, you will be given a few minutes to respond?

Loads of nervous laughter arose from the group. One of the participants, Gary, said, 'What's going on here? How is this ridiculous exercise going to help me get a better return on investment for our stockholders?"

Virginia replied, "Gary, you are being too defen¬sive. Let's give this a try. You'll see the value later?

Nat, Virginia smiled and said, "Who would like to go first?" Stan, an operations head from an office-building construction company, said, 1 feel suicidal today, so I'll go first." Stan's feedback proceeded as follows:

Marilyn: Stan, I think you are a nice guy. I would like to have a beer with you. But I think you ay too hard to be liked Ease up a bit on your likeableness.

Bath Stan, I don't think you are as nice as you appear on the surface. It's a little bit of a facade. When you get serious, you are a determined tiger. I think the combo makes you a really effective leader.

Derek Hey, Stan, I noticed that you look a little ner¬vous when you are under pressure. Like right now. If you could control your nervous tics, you would be a better leader. Look, you are scratching your face right now.

Sara: Stan, I think you really have it as a leader. I no¬tice that you can talk financials with the best of us. Yet at the same time you are likeable and approachable. I'm going to give you a gold star and a hug.

Gerry: You didn't make much of an impression on me, either good or bad, Stan. And that could be a problem. A leader should stand out. You need to have a stronger presence.

Bilk Stan, I notice that you are hesitant to criticize, even when you know the other person is wrong. Remember the other day when Marilyn had the wackiest idea about downsizing I ever heard?

I could tell from your face that you disagreed with her strongly, yet you just smiled.

Lori: Don't let all this negativity get you down, Stan.

You are a straight shooter with lots of potential.

I think you just need to tweak your being firm with people a little. You could be just a little more assertive.

Hugh: You look pretty good to me as a leader. But can't you change your hairdo? The way you style your hair makes you look like Donald Trump. Are you imitating The Donald because you are in the building development business? [Burst of laughter from the group.]

Nancy: I find it interesting that another man would be so concerned about your hairstyle, Stan. I think you have loads of leadership qualities. Yet, I think you need to improve a little on how comfortably you feel working with woman as equals. I noticed a little sexist behavior, like pulling out the chair for me when I entered the conference room.

Stan: Thanks for all the feedback. Maybe I felt suicidal for a good reason. But seriously, I have learned a lot that will help me. I recognize that I also have a lot to work on to develop further as a leader.

Stan left the hot seat with a smile. Attention then shifted to giving feedback to the other nine participants.


1. What value, if any, do you see in this type of feedback for purposes of leadership development?

2. What specific suggestions for development do you think Stan should take away from this feed¬back session?

3. If you were Virginia, the seminar leader, would you have reacted to Hugh's feedback about Stan's hairstyle? Why or why not?

TextBook - Principles of Leadership, International Edition

Reference no: EM13962844

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