Effectiveness of training programs in achieving customers an
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Training programs are also essential for convening the customer's relations management practices by the development of the skills and with the fulfillment of the customer's demands and needs. 

This research report mainly contains:-

1.      Introduction of the research report.

2.      Background of the subject and research problem

3.      Research Problem

4.      Aims and Objectives of the Research

5.      Research Methodology

6.      Research Paradigm

7.      Research Types

8.      Research Process and design

9.      Methods of data collection

10.  Research Findings

11.  Literature Review

12.  Evaluating Training Programs

13.  The Impact of HRM on Organizational Performance

14.  Small Firms' Training and Competitiveness

15.  Customer Relationship Management

16.  Conclusion

17.  Recommendations

18.  References

The training and development activity aids the organization to increase the customer's satisfaction and also increase the retention of customers for longer term. With the appropriate interrelationship in between the objectives of the research and the above study the research has aided in understanding the authenticity and accountability of the study under the review.

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