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Problem: A production line consists of two workstations. The first workstation takes 30 minutes to process a part whereas the second workstation takes 20 minutes to process a part. The output of workstation 1 goes to a second production line and to workstation 2, in the proportions of 20% and 80%. If one part arrives at workstation 1 every 10 minutes what is the effective utilization of workstation 2?

Reference no: EM131152241

Problem regarding the risk strategy

Define risk and how it affects the strategy planning process. In relation to innovation, sustainability, and the global market, how would you decide whether a risk is worth

Small business corporate strategy

What is a corporate strategy? Why is it important for a small business to identify a corporate strategy? What are possible consequences that a small business may experience

Dimensions of organizational capacity for change

Identify and describe the Eight Dimensions of Organizational Capacity for Change (OCC). For each Dimension, discuss its significance to the organization and whether or not you

Difference between horizontal growth and vertical growth

Problem: What is the difference between horizontal growth and vertical growth? Name a real-world company that focuses more on horizontal growth and a company that focuses m

Formulate potential engineering

Select four of the scenarios presented below and formulate potential engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment (if applicable) controls to eliminate or

What motivates people to work hard and perform well

Why do you think there are so many different theories or approaches to understanding motivation? Shouldn’t it be possible to determine which one is best and just use it? Why o

Electronic medical record keeping

Dr. Thomas spends 30 workdays with his parents in Greenbay a year on vacation. He also looses 2 hours of potential work time each day due to electronic medical record keeping

The workforce is diverse and after testing the employees

Place yourself in the position of someone who has just been hired to help an organization move toward an HPWO. You find that the workforce is diverse, and after testing the em


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