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Do you think 'time-outs' are an effective tool for disciplining a child? Did you receive 'time-outs' as a child? Did they work with you? If you have children or should have children, do you or would you use time-outs? If you use them, what is the specific process? What learning do you think is involved? Provide details.

Reference no: EM131369086

How do the cultures of these countries impact policing

How have the cultural perspectives of each country had an impact on their legal traditions? Does there appear to be a direct correlation between the cultural beliefs and the

Identifying the eight elements in a story

READ 105 Assignment. Identifying the eight elements in a story. In the early 1900s the United States was a veritable stew (melting pot?) of nationalities. Besides British, Ge

Compare european feudalism to japanese feudalism

Feudalism emerged in Europe and feudal-like systems existed in Africa and Asia.  What is it?  How did it emerge in Europe and what are its basic features? Compare European f

Design production casing string assuming worst conditions

Given that pore pressure gradient = 9.5ppg and design factors are 1.05 for collapse, 1.1 for burst, and 2.0 for axial load, design the production casing string assuming the

Describe the four main employer responsibilities

Describe the four main employer responsibilities under the HazCom standard. Discuss in detail at least 3 components of an appropriate HazCom program, including requirements t

What ethical considerations you perceive in field experiment

A social psychologist conducts a field experiment at a local bar that is popular with college students.- What ethical considerations, if any, do you perceive in this field exp

What elements are necessary to change your relationship

Using Berry and McFague, what elements are necessary to change your relationship and transform our cultural relationship to the Earth. What elements of spirituality can be h

Criminal justice system-media

Is the media in the United States an ally or an enemy to the criminal justice system? Support your response with practical examples from the media.


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