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Project 1

Summary - You and your fellow operations department teammates have been debating which companies are the best examples of applying supply chain management.

Assignment: Provide 3 examples of what you consider to be good, real business cases that have benefited from effective supply chain networks and supply chain drivers. Discuss -
o What was the uniqueness of their supply chain design as it relates to their success (network, process, drivers, management, etc.)?
o How did these 3 companies benefit from supply chain?
o What can your company learn from these examples?

Project 2

Summary - The warehouse manager thought your presentation on operations management was extremely valuable to the company. He now wants to shift the conversation to focus on his warehouse department. You told him a little about supply chain design and how it could improve inventory management. He is interested in hearing more about supply chain design and wants his department staff to also be aware of this valuable resource. He has asked you to create a memo that will be sent out to everyone in his department.

Assignment: Draft a memo explaining to your warehouse managers how effective supply chain design could help to enhance profitability and stakeholder value for the company, including the following:

o Provide an analysis of the behaviors of supply chain networks and supply chain drivers in your memo.
o Explain how supply chain impacts distribution of assets and resources.
o The memo should include a visual representation of an example supply chain network using the "Shape" or SmartArt" option in MS Word.

Project 3

Summary - The warehouse manager and his staff have been very impressed with your presentation thus far. They are very interested in applying more of your recommendations to their department. They have asked for you to provide them with a few examples of inventory control systems that would support their work.

Assignment: Provide 3 examples of inventory control systems tools. Discuss,

o Explain what these tools are and how they are used.
o What are the benefits of each example for managing production of goods and services for the company?

Project 4

Summary - The warehouse manager asked you to create an example inventory list for his staff. The inventory list is a comprehensive chart that lists all of the company's internal resources: equipment, machines, technology, furniture, office supplies, etc.

Assignment: Considering the company, its services, and its products, draft an inventory list of all internal resources. Use the following format:

o MS Excel spreadsheet
o Include an inventory chart with relevant categories
o Categorize the inventory based on departments, units, and teams
o Include time lines for restocking resources and placing orders based on anticipated demands and usage

Reference no: EM13737172

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