Effective project risk management factors and techniques

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For your risk management assignment, do some of your own research into effective project risk management factors and techniques. Develop a working excel model that puts weights on your selected factors and produces a score that can show what the degree of risk is that a project is experiencing.

Reference no: EM131433568

Considered for business-to-consumer marketing

Social media is often considered for business-to-consumer (BTC) marketing. Does social media marketing work in the business-to-business (BTB) marketplace? Why, or why not? How

What would be forecast for period-weighted moving average

Using Data Set E1, what would be the forecast for period 6 using a 3-period weighted moving average? The weights are 0.50, 0.30, 0.20. (Choose the closest answer.) Data Set E1

Differences between the two approaches

In your own words, explain the relationship between JIT and Lean. In your answer, address (at a minimum), each of the following: Key elements of each approach to production an

Creating task and ksa statements bring to job analysis

what value does creating task and KSA statements bring to job analysis? Find another job analysis model and thoroughly describe the model (do not copy and paste information;

Describe the elements of quality planning-quality assurance

What is Quality? Describe the elements of Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control. Why are these elements important to successful project completion?

Decided to sign revenue-sharing contract for CDs

Topgun Records and several movie studios have decided to sign a revenue-sharing contract for CDs. Each CD costs the studio $2 to produce. The CD will be sold to Topgun for $3.

What advice would you give to prospective expatriate

What advice would you give to a prospective expatriate regarding questions to ask before accepting an assignment? What key characteristics would you look for in selecting a pr

Build a culture of collaboration and teamwork

Imagine that you are the leader in a company where you are trying to build a culture of collaboration and teamwork. How would you empower team members to work together as a co


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