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Assignment: High Note Report

This assignment is in two parts.

Part A, the report
Part B, reflection on your contribution to the online discussion (forum) = 10 marks

You should include both parts in a single document

Relates to Learning Outcomes:

• Critically analyse the theory, concepts and models of operations and information management and demonstrate an understanding of the strategic importance of information management in global organisations.

• Evaluate critically the fundamental principles of information systems and the significance of a socio-technical approach to their use in organisations.

• Select and apply appropriate problem-solving and improvement approaches for information systems in organisations.

Assignment Brief Part A

Case Study: High Note


The High Note Group (HNG) has been operating in London for ten years, and has a well-established network of permanent full time musical instrument delivery operatives. The group provides a reliable service to; instrument rental services, orchestras, bands and individual musicians who need an experienced and trustworthy organisation to deliver musical instruments to a range of venues in England. High Note guarantees that the instruments will be delivered to the agreed venue, at the agreed time, in the appropriate condition. This is a specialised area of delivery work and the majority of staff are musicians themselves, and take great pride in providing this service.

HNG is owned and managed by Jack. Jack is keen to continue to build on the existing success, and thinks that HNG is well positioned to capitalise on the vast range of new instruments sales by large and small music stores around England and in Europe. For HNG, this would mean expanding into the delivery and returns market.

He has entered into an agreement with the Live Art Network, a Europe-wide chain of community theatres, theatrical schools and live music venues, which will allow customers to collect instruments from, and leave returns at their premises. As these venues are open most afternoons and evenings for rehearsals and performances, long opening hours are the norm. This allows customers to avoid waiting in, or missing parcels. In addition, Jack has noticed the growing volume of Internet sales of musical instruments from companies in Europe to residents in England and elsewhere in Europe. He is in the final stages of reaching an agreement with five European musical instrument companies, to allow HNG to offer the specialised collection and delivery service for instruments from Europe - he believes that HNG will be the first company to offer a service, which allows afternoon and evening deliveries and collections from nominated sites.

The move to the delivery of sold items, rather than relocation of instruments, will be a significant change for HNG. The Live Art network is a combination of community owned and privately owned venues. Therefore, Jack must deal with designated individuals at each venue. The existing company database at HNG is unable to meet the new requirements so Jack is considering a CRM system, but is unsure about whether an ERP system would be better. He would like to use Open Source software but needs guidance in this regard, and he is concerned that his administrative team are apprehensive about the proposed changes and the impact on their roles.

Your Task

You are a consultant who has been employed to advise HNG on the effective implementation of these strategic changes. You are required to produce a report, which addresses the following elements:

- The changes that will be required to business processes

- How these changes can be supported by the use of new Open Source packages such as a CRM or ERP system. You are not required to suggest a specific package, but if you choose to make a specific recommendation then you should be clear about how you have evaluated it and how it meets HNG's needs.

- A discussion of the key challenges that Jack will face in implementing the new strategy within the business, together with recommendations for how they may be addressed.

You should use appropriate theories, frameworks, models, that we have covered in the module, to inform and justify your recommendations.

Assignment Brief Part B

During the module, you are required to engage in research into the assignment topics, and make contributions to the discussion boards and course wiki on Blackboard as outlined above.

You should submit a 250 word reflective summary, accompanied by your own self-assessment of your contribution to the online elements throughout the module, using the table labelled Online Discussion Self Assessment below (copy and paste it into your assignment document). The reflective report should include your detailed reflection, supported with evidence from the online discussion and wiki.

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Reference no: EM13836899

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