Effective communication norms in a business setting

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Focus of the Research Paper

The Research Paper will be a comprehensive research review of the significant principles of management communications used to successfully achieve organizational objectives. For this assignment of a minimum of eight pages, you need to integrate material from the readings, multimedia, and class discussion boards, and also reflect on professional experience where possible. It is mandatory to include research from the classroom text as well as from six scholarly sources to support your views. Consider the validity of your resources carefully before using them in academic papers. Use at least one professional example to address the topics below.

The following components must be included in order for the paper to be complete:

  1. Explain effective communication norms in a business setting.

  2. Describe the role of interpersonal communication both as a manager and as an employee. What specific techniques have you used to overcome barriers to communication? Be sure to specify your role in the communication.

  3. Explore the role of international and intercultural interpersonal communications in today's global businesses.

  4. Describe both verbal and nonverbal management communication.

  5. Explain approaches for effective written management communication.

  6. Analyze various approaches for engaging an audience during a presentation and encouraging active listening.

  7. Describe effective methods of conflict resolution.

  8. Analyze techniques for leading teams and group meetings.

Reference no: EM13746726

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