Effective communication can satisfy identity needs

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1. Effective communication can satisfy identity needs.

2. We gain an idea of who we are from the way others react to us.

3. Most people can learn to communicate more effectively.

4. Most people operate at a level of comunication effectiveness equal to their potential.

5. Communication competence is deifined as using communication that is both effective and appropriate.

6. Communication competence is a trait that a person either possesses or lacks.

7. Communication skills have been identified as the most important factor for career success

8. Self-monitoring is the ability to construct a variety of different frameworks for viewing an issue.  

9. Communication plays a role in satisfying the five human needs identified by Abraham Maslow.

10. Marshall McLuhan's "global village" metaphor suggests that the world's cultures are becoming increasingly disconnected and independent.

11. Culture is, to a great extent, a matter of perception and definition.

12. Jews, soccer mom, homosexuals, and Baby Boomers would all be examples of co-cultures.

13. "Out-groups" are groups we perceive to be different from ourselves.

14. High-context cultures rely more on nonverbal cues than do low-context cultures.

15. Mainstreams culture in the United States tends to be more low context than high context.

16. Social scientists use the term "salience" to describe hoe much weight we attach to a particular person or phenomenon.

17. Autonomy, change, and initiative are associated with individulastic cultures.

18. Gudykunst and Kim's research suggests that intercultural factors weigh more heavily than interpersonal factors in business and personal interactions.

19. Care for extended family before self is typical of collectivist culures.

20. "Power distance" describes the degree to which members of a society accept the unequal distribution of power among members.

21. Cultures with high power difference believe in minimizing the difference between various social classes.

22. Tolerance for ambiguity is a characteristic of intercultural competence.

23. Ethnocentrism is the attitude that one's cultural is superior to others.

24. The way members of a culture are taught to think and reason has little to do with how messages are interpreted.

25. Self-esteem has a powerful effect on communication behavior.

26. People who compare themselves to media-idealized physiques often evaluate their bodies negatively.

27. The significance we attach to the features of the self is unrelated to the opinions of others.

28. People seldom look at others as a way of judging themselves.

29. Social comparison offers a way of reshaping unsatisfying self-concepts, in that we control who is available for comparison.

30. The way we view ourselves is usually identical with others' perception of us.

31. The tendency to resist revision of our self-perception is strong.

32. Research shows that people are more critical of themselves when they are in a positive mood than when they are in a negative mood.

33. The tendency to seek information that conforms to an existing self-concept has been labeled cognitive conservatism.

34. Self-concepts are fixed and not subject to change.

35. The self-concept can actually affect the future behavior toward others.

36. The reference groups against which we compare oursleves play an important role in shaping our view of ourselves.

37. Age, health, fatigue, and hunger are all psychological factors that influence perceptual judgements.

38. A person you have a crush on calls you "sweetheart" and you believe that they must have a crush on you, too. This is known as second-order reality.

39. People commonly imagine that others possess the same attitudes and motives that they do.

40. A friend is talking to you, but another friend is standing nearby yelling on the phone. You pay attention to the friend on the phone due to "selection".

41. Attribution is the term social scientists use to describe the process of attaching meaning to behavior.

42. When others suffer, we often blame the problem on their personal qualitites; when we're the victims, we find explanations outside ourselves.

43. Self-serving bias is the term used by social scientists to label our tendency to judge ourselves in the most generous terms possible.

44. Role constructs of the perception process inclide social position.

45. You are are at a reataurant and the server seems to throw your food down. You figure she did this because she is lazy or doesn't like her job very much. This is an example of punctuation.

46. Androgynous behaviors are totally the product of biological sexual differences.

47. We cannot avoid making initial judgements, and we usually cling to these first impressions even if they are wrong.

48. Research shows us that it's hardest to empathize with people who are radically different from us.

49. People who are sleep deproved perceive time intervals realistically.

Reference no: EM131127051

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