Effect of regional and corporate cultural issues
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You are part of a global financial services company that has offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore. Its head office is in New York and the predominant culture stems from there. Explore how the corporate organisational culture from its head office might be affected when encountering the regional cultures that are present in each of its locations. Use the group dynamics to explore the four countries, dividing them between the group equally and drawing on the resources made available during the module. Present your findings as a group powerpoint with an audio file. In addition individually write up your own conclusions as to the effects of regional cultural issues on the corporate organisational culture of this multinational company as it conducts its business internationally. Focus upon the predominant organisational culture.

Task 2

You have been assigned as the Information Technology Director for a multinational company that has offices in Asia and Europe. Your role involves ensuring that the company has effective global virtual teams which are being seen as the way forward for this major banking group. As part of this exercise you train and develop employees in their role of effective global virtual team members. Critically evaluate what leadership steps you would take to enable you to achieve this across the different time zones and cultures. What conclusions can be drawn?

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