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Task 1: Hydrogen bond is a weak bond in terms of bond energy but very important in deciding physical and chemical properties of few important molecules. Discuss three examples of molecules having hydrogen bonding and their important properties. Answer must include scientific information about:

a. Effect of hydrogen bonding on physical and chemical properties of those molecules.

b. How the property of molecules change if Hydrogen bond is not present in the molecule.

c. Structure, data and technical explanations for observations.

(Word limit 750 words)

Task 2: Position of an element in modern periodic table is important factor in deciding its physical and chemical properties like reactivity of compounds, nature of bonding etc. Considering this observation answer following questions:

i. Suggest which block and group elements preferably make ionic bonding and covalent bonding. Justify answer with proper example and data.

Task 3: Doing experiments based on theoretical knowledge, consolidates the understanding. Students have to do following experiments in lab and record all findings, observations and results in given log sheet.

1 To learn the basic laboratory techniques
2 To prepare the standard solution of oxalic acid
3 To determine the amount of sodium hydroxide in the given solution
4 To determine the amount of sulphuric acid in the given solution
5 To compute a relation between millivolt and pH of given solutions
6 To estimate the amount of barium as barium sulphate in the given solution

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This assignment contains two tasks. The first one is about the most important bond of biochemistry i.e. hydrogen bond. How hydrogen bond changes the overall scenario of Earth, has been discussed here. Second one is about periodic table. It deals with the overall properties of modern periodic table. It also states the formation of ionic and covalent bonds.

Reference no: EM131294403

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Thanks i got it. I was confused. I have checked it again It was nowhere mentioned, which molecules to take; nor I had mentioned anything. The question says "Discuss three examples of molecules having hydrogen bonding." So as far as i know i can submit the solution as it is. its good work. thanks a lot.

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