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Mainstream Schools versus Special Education Schools: Educational options for children within the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Integrating children within the Autism Spectrum Disorder in mainstream schools has many benefits Vs. Special Education schools as it provides an open, challenging environment that resembles the broader community and enables them to adapt to real life settings.

I. Introduction:

III. Mainstream schooling for Autistic Children

A. Advantage of Mainstream Schooling for Autistic children

B. Disadvantages of Mainstream Schooling for Autistic Children

C. Special Settings in Mainstream School to Accommodate ASD Children

1. ASD Unit in mainstream school

2. Shadow teacher in regular mainstream class

IV. Special Education for Autistic Children

A. Advantages of Special Education Schooling:

B. Disadvantage of Special Education Schooling for ASD Children:

V. Conclusion: Deciding the best educational option for Autistic child

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