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In at least 5 paragraphs but no more than 4 pages (This length includes your Works Cited, which will be the last page of your file.), respond to either Prompt 1, 2, or 3 (1 and 2 are cause and effect writing and 3 is comparison and contrast writing.) using a MLA-formatted, Microsoft Word file. Note which prompt # you select in your paper heading. Do not use the # as your title though. Remember to use 3rd person (ex: one, people, he or she, they) the most, 1st person (ex: I, we) only as relevant to develop the focus, and 2nd person (ex: you, your) the least and not at all if you don't need to directly address the audience. 

Prompt 1: Identify and explain the most common yet significant challenge(s) you are likely to face in your future career. Investigate and discuss how some individuals/organizations combat this issue--noting what you find to be the most effective solution(s). (source suggestions: in person, emailed, or phone interviews you conduct with professionals in your field; instructors who teach in that discipline area; education, business, and industry-specific databases).

Prompt 2: Identify and explain a significant reason why college students most struggle in pursuit of their goals (Do not select the overused "paying for college" unless you can put an interesting spin on this topic. You must first seek approval if you decide to go this route.). Then, investigate and discuss what organizations/individuals are currently doing or have done to combat the issue--noting what you find to be the most effective solution(s). (source suggestions: in person, emailed, or phone interviews you conduct with professionals in college instruction and administration;education, sociology, psychology databases). You may also include in your discussion an analysis of how CPCC currently approaches the matter (source suggestion: in person, emailed, or phone interviews you conduct with relevant staff and CPCC literature found on website and informational sources like pamphlets). 

Prompt 3: Consider a choice you must/would like to make (EX: education paths, career directions, purchase factors, life transitions/NOTE: The topic you select should not be an arguable issue such as the debate over medicinal marijuana or abortion. Argumentative writing involves a specific skill set that is explored in ENG 112.). Conduct research to compare and contrast your options--noting what you found to be the best solution for your situation. (source suggestions: Newspaper Source Plus, Journal Finder, and subject-specific databases; in person, emailed, or phone interviews you conduct with credible sources for these options; credible websites for these options). 

Research is required to develop this essay. The basic expectations are as follows:

-Use at least 2 credible sources to develop your essay’s focus. 1 must be from the CPCC database system. No “wiki” sources are permitted, but they might provide you with a list of potentially credible sources to use.

-Integrate your own responses to any research you incorporate.

-Borrow uncommon research knowledge using the most fitting method: summary, paraphrase, or quote (should be used least).

-Credit borrowed uncommon knowledge within your essay. Use MLA documentation style to demonstrate ethical behavior and so that the boundaries between the research and your responses to it are clear.

-Credit the sources used within the essay on the last page of your essay file (not as a separate file!) in a complete Works Cited bibliography. Use MLA documentation style so that your reader can link the sources to where they have been integrated within your essay to learn more.

-Take every measure to avoid plagiarism. Hold yourself accountable for college policies regarding the issue, and seek clarification when confused about proper research and documentation procedures.

You will earn your grade based upon the quality of how well you applied the concepts of clear, compelling, and credible college-level writing. Performance ranges of "A"-"F" can be reviewed from our syllabus grading section. 

WARNING! All detected plagiarism instances will be penalized with a formal warning, automatic assignment failure, and/or course failure based upon the severity of the incident findings.

Use the "Publishing Your Module4 Writing Test" link at the bottom of this module folder when ready for turn in.

Reference no: EM13133113

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