Education and police protection during industrial revolution

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What were some dates and number that shows the there were lack of adequate housing, education, and police protection during the industrial revolution in Britain in the 1880s.

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Reference no: EM13240207

Course of the israeli-palestinian conflict

Explain the origin and course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What have been the major turning points? Have there been moments when the conflict might have reached a peac

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Explain how each religion below was connected to politics by being as specific as possible. Think in particular about when the religions received political support or challeng

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How did the outcome of World War II affect Europe’s position in the world? What were the factors behind the movement toward European unification? How successful has this movem

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What were the causes of the Cold War? How did the United States and the Soviet Union each react to what it perceived to be the other’s hostility? What was the effect of the Co

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Why did Germany lose World War I? Could Germany have won, or was victory never a possibility? Assess the settlement of Versailles. What were its benefits to Europe, and what w

What was hitler’s final solution to the jewish problem

What was Hitler’s “Final Solution” to the Jewish problem? Why did Hitler want to eliminate Slavs as well? Some historians have looked at the twentieth century and have seen a

What does the impact of modernity

What does the “impact of modernity” mean to traditional Afro-Asian-Indian cultures? What patterns of reaction can you discern? Why was the West able to impose itself on these

Latin american economies after independence

What was the condition of the Latin American economies after independence? What was their relation to Britain? Why were most Latin American states slow to develop an industria


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