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Edit the sentences to correct faults in grammar, punctuation, spelling and word use.

1. Persuasion requires learning about you're audience, and analysing why they might resist your goal.

2. An especialy effective arguement includes 2 indespensable elements; a reasonable request, and a well presented line of reasoning.

3. If you're goal is to persuade a lending institution to give you fifty thoughsand dollars you would probably use rational appeal.

4. Our Presenitdent and Senior Sales Manager decided to send a sales letter to all current customers therefore they analyzed the product, purpose and audience.

5. There sales eletter focuses on the following 4 parts (1) gaming the audience attention (2) Convincing them that the purpose is worthy (3) Overcoming resistence and (4) Motivating action.

6. Experts agree that one of the biggest mistakes in persuasive request's are the failure to anticipate, and off set audience resistence.

7. because the Manager and him builded interest with easy to read facts and figures they're letter will undoubtably suceed.

8. A claim letter is a form of complaint consequently its wise to use the indirect strategy.

9. Anger and emotion is not effective in persuasion but many writers can no controll there temper.

10. Our latest press release which was written in our corporate communication department annouces the opening of 3 canadian office.

Reference no: EM131355326

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