Ecosystem goods and services dependencies

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You will research and write an original research paper on the ecosystem goods and services dependencies and impacts of the recent business or management-related issue that they have chosen, building on previous submissions. They should use the EGS framework as a lens to understand the issue, including: 
-  At least three ways that the people or situation in their news item depends on ecosystem services (i.e. that natural ecosystems are providing services or benefits); 
-  How people in the situation are affecting (having an impact on) the ecosystems in turn; and, 
-  How using EGS can help managers to avoid environmental or business risk related to the above. 
The report should be approximately 2200 words (excluding references). The following elements must be included: 
-  Be sure to include an overall thesis statement. This is a statement of what you intend to argue and persuade the reader of. 
-  Include logical headings and subheadings to indicate key sections. 
-  Be sure to include an Introduction at the beginning and a Conclusion at the end of the text (but 
before the reference list). 
-  Organize the middle sections (the body) logically. One good approach is to have a section about the 
dependence on ecosystems and a section about the impacts on ecosystems, for instance, with sub- 
sections if needed. 
-  Graphics like graphs, pictures, maps or diagrams may be included as long as they are referred to in – 
and enrich – the text. 
-  Finish with a full bibliography of at least five reliable sources, formatted in APA style, each of which 
is also referenced from the text where appropriate using in-line citation. Note: the references you cite in your final paper do not have to be exactly the same list of references as in your annotated bibliography. If you have added some and taken others away, that’s okay as long as the new set is also credible, from reputable sources and correctly cited. 
The report will be marked using the following five, equally-weighted criteria: 
Completeness as per specifications above, including professionalism in how the materials present 
Good written communication skills (use of new vocabulary, spelling/grammar, clarity, structure) 
Demonstrated knowledge of the EGS system 
Quality of analysis (evidence of research, thoroughness) 
Insightfulness of discussion 

Reference no: EM1343710

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