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1. The World Bank's Economy Rankings for ease of doing business incorporates the following rankings, except:

Dealing with construction permits

Access electricity

Enforcement of contracts

Cost of labor for construction

2. It is preferred to utilize foreign legal systems for the enforcement of contracts, as opposed to international arbitration.

True False

3. In an organization, the ________ is the social media interface between a company and its external stakeholders.

a media manager

b augmentation manager

c cloud manager

d community manager

e IT manager

4. One strategy an organization should use to build its social network is to

a allow others to join your conversation, but don't join others.

b limit community building among competitors.

c offer promotional information as often as possible.

d choose one compositional mode and use it for all social media sites.

e maintain a persistent online personality.

5. Social networks are a natural tool for bringing together ________, people who engage in similar work, and ________, people who share enthusiasm for a particular product or activity.

a virtual network societies; dilettantes

b private networks; public networks

c communities of practice; communities of interest

d community groups; marketing mavens

e intra-disciplinary conclaves; product champions

Reference no: EM132184579

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