Ecological components of crisis assessment

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Assessing a survivor's reaction to a disaster, crisis, or trauma entails gaining an understanding of how the person feels and determining whether his or her affect is appropriate or inappropriate based on the circumstances. It also involves examining how the survivor's behavior aids or impairs his or her ability to cope, and the degree to which the person's cognitive processes (e.g., concentration, memory, decision making) are impaired. A clear picture of the survivor's developmental stage of life, and social and cultural environment are also needed in such an assessment. Crisis assessment occurs continuously throughout an intervention, allowing the crisis worker to determine and modify the intervention strategy according to the ongoing exposition of the survivor's strengths and needs.

To prepare for this Assignment:

• Review and consider the affective, behavioral, cognitive, developmental, and ecological components of crisis assessment.

• Reflect on the "screen and treat" approach detailed in the London bombings article.

• Review the "Triage Assessment Form." Think about how this assessment is used to measure survivors' affective, behavioral, and cognitive responses.

• Review the videos about trauma on The International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies website and select one to respond to in this assignment.

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Reference no: EM131007511

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