Decision to investigate a variance

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Assume that the budgeted cost for a department is $10,000 per week and the standard deviation is $500. The decision to investigate a variance requires a comparison of expected benefits with expected costs. Suppose an unfavorable variance of $1,000 is observed. The normal distribution indicates the probability of observing this variance is .0228 if the system is in control. Furthermore, assume that the benefits would be 50 percent of the variance and the investigation costs are $200. Should this variance be investigated? Assume that the vairance is still $1,000, but it is favorable. Should it still be investigated?

Reference no: EM1367126

Value chain activity in a hospital-health care organization

What would be a value chain activity in a hospital or health care organization? Where would you requireto make sure connection activities for your value chain to be successf

Feeling threatened by possible repercussions

Identify and explain a condition in which you have observed fear in an organization in which you worked. Fear is defined as "feeling threatened by possible repercussions as

Agent relationship in aging services

Describe the problems which could exist in the principal and agent relationship in aging services like case manager and an nursing home.

Positive clinical and financial outcomes

The evolution of health care delivery models has resulted in positive clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care. Recognize one health care delivery model.

Environment-fit model

Person-Environment Fit: Please thread your respond onto this question---- Your 90 year-old grandmother will be visiting your home. Based on the environment-fit model

Hospital goals-departmental and management goals

Validate the expense to the organization. Relate the reasons to the hospital goals, comprising departmental and management goals, and how the acquisition would be beneficial

Human development theory-current developmental stage

Explain the human development theory which best reflects your present developmental stage. How is the selected theory linked with your status and as adult learner?

Cervical-ovarian and uterine cancer

Recognized the main differences between the cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Compared the benign and malignant tumors of the cervix, uterus, and ovaries.


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