Easiest-to-imitate bases of product differentiation

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Yet product features are among the easiest-to-imitate bases of product differentiation and thus among the least likely bases of product differentiation to be a source of sustained competitive advantage. Does this seem paradoxical to you? If no, why not? If yes, how can you resolve this paradox.

Reference no: EM13954035

Reading is beneficial for writing all correspondence

xplain why the ABC format described in the text reading is beneficial for writing all correspondence; and discuss several ways to incorporate the “You” attitude in your writin

Ethic of government and individualistic ethic of business

Define and explain each key term. Then compare or contrast the first term with the other in the set: a. Collectivistic ethic of government & Individualistic ethic of business

Victim and suspect typologies scenario

Based on the first suspect’s interview regarding the battery incident and understanding the trends in crime from your lesson, determine how the suspect fits the trends that ha

The holding cost of a refrigerator is $ 50 per year

The annual demand has been about 8,000 units each year, and this demand has been constant throughout the year. The production capacity is 200 units per day. Each time pro

Introductory description of the leader profile

Write a profile of a leader you know. Preferably, this is someone in management where you work - or where you once worked. If you don't know such a leader, write about some

Identify cultural characteristics

Using the United States as a basis for comparison, evaluate each country's similarities and differences. Use your textbook and the CTU Library to help identify cultural char

Ensure high level of ethical behavior

What role does the project manager have related to ethical behavior on the team? What steps can be taken to help ensure a high level of ethical behavior? Describe a situation

Discuss the sustainable competitive advantage

Discuss the following “Sustainable competitive advantage only functions well in theory and is impossible in practice". Do you think one (or more) of Mintzberg’s roles is more


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