Earliest member of the genus australopithecus

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1. Australopithecus boisei displays a combination of __ incisors and __ molars which together suggest a great emphasis on __ food preparation.
A) chisel - like / cusp / meat and fruit in
B) tiny / greatly enlarged / post canine
C) large / reduced / the use of tools in
D) sharp / flat / chewing in

2. Based on your finding from the lab exercise, you would predict that the diet of robust australopithecines include
A) young leaves
B) hard nuts and fruits
C) soft fruits
D) meat

3. If an organism has a dental formula, how many total premolars are there?
A) 2
B) 8
C) 6
D) 4

4. If you were to place the following species into a phylogeny, what would be the order?
a. A. africanus
b. A. ramidus
c. A. afarensis

A) b, a, c
B) b, c, a
C) c, b, a
D) a, b, c

5. In the lab exercise, you found that the tooth area of robust australopithecines were not as predicted. One reason that accounts for this observation is the difference in the area of
A) canines and premolars only
B) premolars and molars
C) just the premolars
D) the large incisors
E) canines

6. In the lab you found that cheek tooth area of A. boisei was not what would be predicted. This information suggest that the australopithecines diet was __ that of the living apes and humans.
A) different from
B) identical to
C) relatively similar to
D) unable to be compared to

7. It has been agreed upon that all robust australopithecines species

A) have become extinct without leaving any descendants
B) have gone extinct but part of the lineage gave rise to gracile forms
C) are the ancestors to later members of the genus Homo
D) survive to modern times

8. Members of the genus Australopithecus have been identified from
A) south Africa only
B) eastern and southern Africa
C) Africa and Europe
D) All over Africa

9. Of those listed, which is the earliest member of the genus Australopithecus?

A) A. boisei
B) A. afarensis
C) A. anamensis
D) A. robustus

10. The dental formula of robust australopithecines is __. The dental formula of gracile australopithecines is __.

A) /
B) /
C) /
D) /

11) The famous "Lucy" fossil is from the species __, which is classified as a __ australopithecine.

A) A. afarensis / gracile
B) A. africanus / gracile
C) A. ramidus / robust
D) A boisei / robust

12) The first value in the dental formula is the number of

A) canines
B) premolars
C) molars
D) incisors

13) Which of the following are robust Australopithecines?

A) A. aethiopicus
B) A. boisei
C) A. robustus
D) all of these

14) Which of the following is the genus that some researchers have given the robust forms?

A) Aethiopicus
B) Ramidus
C) Garhi
D) Paranthropus

15) You discovered in the lab that robust australopithecine cheek tooth area is __ than predicted from the sample of living hominids.

A) much smaller
B) smaller
C) much larger
D) variable
E) larger

16) The fossil evidence for Sivapithecus shows no characteristics in common with Pongo, modern orangutans.


17) The __ in northern Egypt is one of the only places on the African continent to have produced primate fossils of Oligocene age.

A) Fayum Depression
B) Siwaliks
C) Olduvai Gorge
D) Nile River Delta

18) When examining a stratigraphic outcropping of sedimentary rock, the law of superposition tells us that

A) the rocks at lower levels are older than those at higher levels
B) all sedimentary rock is the same age regardless of the level
C) the rocks at higher levels are older than those at lower levels
D) only absolute dates can tell use which rock level is older.

Reference no: EM13513878

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