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Starlight Coffee shop at the Galleria Mall serves two coffee blends it brews on a daily basis, Pomona and Coastal. Each is a blend of three high quality coffees from Columbia, Kenya, and Indonesia. The coffee shop has ten pounds of each coffee available each day. Each pound of coffee will produce sixteen 16-ounce cups of coffee. The shop has enough brewing capacity to brew 30 gallons of these two coffee blends each day. Pomona is a blend of 20% Columbian, 35% Kenyan, and 45% Indonesian, while Coastal is a blend of 60% Columbian, 10% Kenyan, and 30% Indonesian. The shop sells 1.5 times more Pomona than Coastal each day. Pomona sells for $2.05 per cup, and Coastal sells for $1.85 per cup. The manager wants to know how many cups of each blend to sell each day in order to maximize sales. Formulate the LP problem. [Note: 1 gallon is equivalent to 128 ounces]

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