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Learning and Development Many health care organizations view employee training as falling into two categories:

One related to specific knowledge and skills for the individual’s particular job, and the other involving skills and behaviors required of all employees in the organization.

For this Discussion, each group will develop a plan to train and reinforce skills and behaviors that are desired for all employees in a particular organization.

Review the Learning Resources and conduct additional research as necessary.

Then, develop a learning and development plan as follows: Analyze the core organizational values, goals, or strategies described in the Organization and Job Description document (introduced in Week 4).

Select one value/goal/strategy that your group would like to focus on.

What are the desired outcomes with regard to this value/goal/strategy?

How will they be measured?

What are the key employee traits, attitudes, skills, and/or behaviors essential for carrying out this value/goal/strategy?

Evaluate the potential learning needs of various groups/individuals within the organization. How might they differ in terms of their experiences or dispositions toward this value/goal/strategy?

Analyze methods of providing learning to a group (e.g., face-to-face forum, online technologies, simulations, case studies), and create a viable scenario for delivering training.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these methods to achieve the desired outcomes?

How will you know if this training has worked?

Determine how the outcomes and Return on Investment for this learning and development initiative could be evaluated.

Reference no: EM13964066

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