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Question 1: Suspicious e-commerce transaction includes orders placed by a customer in one country that are shipped to another country. In fact there are no such orders in the Northwind db,  so create a few by modifying some of the "Germany" shipcountry entries in the order table to "Tahiti". Then write a query which finds orders shipped to a different country from the customer. Hint: in order to do this, you will need a join the customer and order table. You don't want to be hardcoding the country names in your query, but are actually looking for situation where the country of order and the country of shipping are not the same.

Question 2: Suppose a user wants to know how much freight each customer paid for all his order - ie sum of the total dollar amount a customer spent. Write a query to do this.

Question 3: Pick the special operators that can be used with the LIKE operator.

  • %
  • _
  • *
  • []
  • [^]
  • {}

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Reference no: EM13841644

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