E-business-e-commerce developments in the political

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1. “Planning is a useless endeavor because e-business/e-commerce developments in the political, economic, and societal environments are moving too quickly nowadays.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain why or why not.

2. Note – Each response should be in APA format and must include at least five (5) scholarly citations and references. Each of your responses should be no more than four (4) pages (double-spaced) long.

3. State the main thesis and summarize the article " Earnings Management" by LEONARD J. BROOKS JR

The summary must support the main thesis (100 words max)

Reference no: EM132191399

Describe an appropriate distribution

You have recently been promoted to the position of VP of Marketing for a food products business that is considering selling in India. In India, the retail systems are often fr

Discuss the importance of healthcare operation management

Discuss the importance of healthcare operation management. Explain how the healthcare industry differs from other industries with operations and how payers impact the revenues

Assignment on designing the job

According to your textbook Nelson and Quick, (2015) Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) allows employees to work completely flexible schedules based on their ability to mee

What are beginning inventory

?What are beginning inventory. What are Planned Purchases for May, to prepare for June, at the forecasted levels of Sales and Reductions? ? ??If actual sales for May were $40,

Process is perfectly stable and its mean does not shift

In the chapter it was noted that when the process mean can shift by as much as 1.5 standard deviations, a Cp of 2.0 is needed in order to achieve 3.4 defective parts per milli

Weaknesses of developing an in-house survey instrument

A college asks your opinion on the relative merits of developing a survey instrument in-house versus using a commercial instrument. He found that there are many commercial typ

What is the freight rate in both volume and weight

In this hypothetical situation, you are responsible for shipping material that is measured as volumetric cargo – CBM, which stands for Cubic Meter, to be calculated as length

Some products in your personal or family inventory

List some products in your personal or family “inventory.” How do you manage them? (For instance, do you constantly run to the store for milk? Do you throw out a lot of milk b


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