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I have to submit one (1) projects with Presentation and one (1) for the following Subjects

Just to clarify, this about will cover both the e-business assignment and the business law project?  this is included two document for two different subjects (first one is project 10-12 page. The second document is assignment 1-2 page only.)

I- Business Law: 

Intellectual property is a generic term that refers to intangible objects, such as literary works, artistic productions, scientific discoveries and plans for inventions and designs, which acquire their value primarily from creative efforts and these fruit of human minds are protected by intellectual property rights aiming to reward creator and promote economic, social and technological development of the nations. As a result of exploitation of the Internet, intellectual property has now migrated to the Internet and is being modified to suit the online environment in many ways.

In your dissertation, you have to discuss the following elements:

 -  INTERNATIONAL LEGISLATION: international agreements related to the intellectual property UAE LEGISLATION:

o   copyright legislation

o   copyright legislation on the Internet

o   Infringement in the traditional context

o   Infringement in the Context of the Internet 

II- E- Business: Assignment (1-2 page) - 

1.     “The Internet a typhoon force, a ten times force, or is it a bit of wind? Or is it a force that fundamentally alters our business?” (Grove, 1996).

According to the meteorological analogy given by Mr. Andy Grove, Chairman of Intel, used with the Internet, explain how your organization can achieve significant cost savings and marketing benefits through the use of the internet technology.

2.     All organizations operate within an environment that influences the way in which they conduct business; such environments create opportunities as well as threats. Discuss the strategy of your organization according to the specificities of your business environment! 

Please Note: Project should have (10 - 12 page) as the following:

Cover Page


table of content

Executive summary


Body of report 

conclusion and recommendation:


bibliography/ Reference:

Presentation for Project should content the following:

1- Covering title page

2- table of content 

3- introduction (short summary) 

4-  the body

5- conclusion 

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Reference no: EM13709553

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